2/7 -12 Christian Azar i Herald Tribune

Posted in Uncategorized by kelagerlof on 02 juli 2012

Har inte skrivit på ett tag. Har haft annat för mig. Nu vill jag gärna citera vad Christian Azar nyligen (20/6) skrev i International Herald Tribune. Bland annat:

”It won`t be easy for the world to kick its addiction to fossil fuels, but it is doable. First and foremost, we need to put a price or cap on carbon emisssions. Every ton of coal, every barrel of oil does more in socialized damage to economies, health and ecosystems than it adds in value to overall economic output. That cost in simpel fairness ought to be reflected in the price of the fuels themselves. Otherwise, the oil and coal and power companies are simply leaving the tab for adverse consequenses – from bad health to coastal flooding – to be picked up by everyone else.”

Ja, vem lämnar du notan till, Karl Erik? Din dotterdotter? Eller till dom som flyr ökenspridningen  söder om Sahara?

Christian Azar är en mycket ung professor vid Chalmers. Jag minns honom som pojke. Artikeln i New York Times globala edition skrev han tillsammans med Thomas Sterner (”visiting chief economist at the Environmental Defense Fund”) och Gernot Wagner som skrivit boken ”But will the Planet Notice?”

Artikeln som helhet andas optimism. Rubrik: Rio isn`t all lost. Mer ur den i morgon.